Peninsula HPB Surgery
Peninsula HPB Surgery

Complex benign HPB surgery


There are some benign (non-cancerous) conditions that require major HPB surgery. These include cysts of the liver and pancreas and operations for chronic pancreatitis.


We also look after and perform surgery for many patients with complicated gallstone disease.


As part of our 'general surgery' practice, we manage patients with complex hernias.




All four HPB consultant surgeons can be contacted as follows:


Derriford Hospital, Plymouth


01752 432071


Nuffield Hospital, Plymouth


01752 761812


Peninsula Treatment Centre,

Care UK, Plymouth


0333 321 1953


Please contact us at the hospital where you are being treated. We shall do our best to answer your queries as quickly as possible.


Each patient is different.


We have tried to be as accurate as possible with the information in this website.


However, each patient is different, so some information may not apply to your specific circumstances.




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